The public consultation for the second batch of carbon accounting methodologies developed by the CCS+ Initiative under Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) was launched and will be open until April 15th. The stakeholder community can review the methodologies and submit their feedback through the following link

The following modules and tools are open for stakeholder feedback: 

  • Capture module from Bio-Energy Power & Heat; 
  • Geological storage module; 
  • Tool for differentiating between emission reductions and carbon removals; 
  • Tool for differentiating between VCS and non-VCS flows.

CCS+ is building a robust carbon accounting framework to scale high-integrity carbon markets. As a unique multi-stakeholder effort, bringing together close to 60 leading organizations in the industrial carbon management space, the CCS+ initiative is well-positioned to develop methodologies suited to a wide range of carbon capture, storage and removal technologies.

The CCS+ approach is modular, moving away from project-specific methodologies and embracing a versatile plug-and-play set-up of framework methodologies, modules for capture, transport and storage processes, and operationalization tools. This approach enables us to offer a ‘home’ for a growing variety of project types, serving the complexity of diverse project value chains and the needs of the future industrial carbon management economy. 

All methodologies developed by the CCS+ initiative are subject to a public consultation phase, a vitally important step in ensuring a transparent and rigorous methodology development process. We encourage industry leaders, policymakers, carbon markets experts, civil society organization to submit their comments and contribute to the building the leading, high-integrity carbon accounting framework for industrial carbon management solutions.